Born in 2012, TimActive guides you through your projects for online store design and development of application solutions.
We want the best for our customers, so we advise and assist you from the moment your store is created to its hosting.

Our activity is spread over the four following areas:

Creation and customization of e-commerce solutions

All of our modules are Prestashop compliant to ensure the highest quality of execution and compatibility.

Long time partners with the solution, TimActive has been awarded at the Prestashop Addons Awards.

Our experienced French team of experts works on the development of innovative and efficient solutions to support you in the long term.

On request, we also work on the creation of fully customized applications to meet each of your needs and allow you to make your mark on the market.

E-commerce website design

Because your project isn’t like any other, we advise you and help you to solve even the most ambitious commercial problems.

Consulting, development, infrastructure, security, we have built a team with a expertise widely recognized by the community, in order to guarantee you an efficient support in the creation and optimization of your e-commerce store.

We work together to create a tailored website that fully meets your needs and those of your customers.

Micro service-oriented project design

Key technologies: Quarkus, Kubernetes, Keycloak, Spring cloud

Leveraging its experience, TimActive also assist you in complex key account projects and micro service architectures development.

TimActive prides itself on quality to allow you to benefit from the best and to bring you a continuous support.

Team Active

We're with you, together!

We believe that it is the combination of the skills of each of our experts that makes the company's strength to take you to new heights with your projects.
Each one possesses a unique skill set and works directly with the other members of the team to quickly deliver solutions and solutions that meet your needs.



Director, Lead Developer, Architect J2E since 2010.
Micro service architecture, big data.

When did you join TimActive?
After a long time working in SSII (Steria, Open, SII) and thus working for several major corporate clients as a design engineer, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and founded TimActive.

What keeps you excited about your work?
Teamwork, constant challenge and innovation.
Technical people, always stay on the lookout in order to bring the cream of the crop to my customers and to our products.

Your favorite quote
"The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe that it is possible." Tim Burton



Lead Integrator
& Webdesigner

When did you join TimActive?
I first came across TimActive in 2016 while working for a mutual customer, and since then we haven't left each other, and have become part of the team.

What keeps you excited about your work?
I'm a go-getter, I feel satisfied when everything is under control and the smallest detail has been taken care of. The customer is then de facto satisfied.

Your favorite quote
"What is done no longer needs doing."



Web marketing
& E-commerce Manager

When did you join TimActive?
I joined Tim Active last June after 9 years of work in digital for Prestashop, Veepee and as a consultant for Malakoff Médéric.

What keeps you excited about your work?
To work in a dynamic team and witness customer satisfaction! Each one brings his or her contribution to the project in order to reach a goal. The positive feedback from a client on a project is for me a great reward for everyone's commitment.

Your favorite quote
"Practice does make perfect."



Site Reliability Engineering
& Cyber-security expert

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